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Points North Group provides third-party screening and measurement of influencer marketing, so companies know what’s working and what’s not.
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Measure & Standardize Results

Vendors and platforms often use the same words to describe their metrics (“impressions,” “engagements”) but define and measure them differently. Without standardization, these numbers cannot be compared.


We evaluate partners’ measurement methodologies, and vet and standardize results, so that brands can compare every campaign, partner, and sponsored post, apples-to-apples.

Avoid Fraud & Waste

Top brands are paying influencers whose followers are mostly fake. The followers of top influencers can be over 50% purchased bots. Brands are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaigns.


We use machine learning to identify fraudulent influencers and determine the percentage of their followers that are fake.


Measure Impact & ROI

Shares, comments and likes are nice, but these “vanity metrics” are a means to an end. Brands want to build brand, drive sales, and achieve high ROI.


We help brands measure meaningful business impact, using shopper data, matched panel analyses, marketing mix modeling, and other techniques.


For Brands 

& Agencies

Understand and Optimize your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become an essential part of brands' marketing strategies. But when it comes to measurement, it's still the Wild West. With every partner measuring results differently, and with fake followers rampant, assessing and comparing campaigns is as difficult as ever.


Combining machine learning with proven research techniques and industry-leading experience, we provide measurement of influencer campaigns. Brands that are best at influencer marketing outperform average ones by 500% or more. We can help you be the best in your category—and give you the data to prove it. ​​

For Influencer Networks

Provide Accurate, Third-Party Reporting—and Avoid Fake Followers

With fake followers rampant, and with so many influencer companies inflating results, brands and agencies are increasingly unwilling to work with partners whose measurement is unverified. ​


We provide influencer companies with influencer screening, methodology certification, and campaign measurement. This way they can avoid fraudulent influencers and deliver clients accurate and trustworthy reports, all while saving time. ​​


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